Success Stories

We love our children and support them even after they leave residence of our orphanage home, whether it be by finding university sponsorships or job opportunities. BSG wishes them the best for their bright futures. Here, we share a few of many success stories of our children moving on to become productive and independent citizens.

Tej Bahadur Shrestha: 
Future doctor

Tej was from a very poor family, and his parents struggled to feed the family. Because they were unable to pay his school fees, he nearly to dropped out. He joined BSG in 2001, and stayed with us through college, where he was always at the top of his class. Tej has recently received his MBBS from a medical school in Bangladesh, and will return to Nepal to serve as a doctor.

Kalpana Ghatane: Business owner and beautician 

Kalpana was born into extreme poverty, and lived at BSG until successfully passing the SLC exam. Because she needed to financially support her family, BSG provided her with six months of vocational training. As a result, she opened her own beauty parlor and lady's saloon house in Kathmandu. Kalpana now fully supports her parents financially.

Sontosh Tamata: John Fox Lowe's godson 

Sontosh, from the poor Darchula district of far western Nepal, lost both parents to death before he was four years old. BSG connected him with the wonderful John Fox Lowe, who became his godfather and individually sponsored Sontosh's education, food, shelter, and all other needs. Mr. Lowe also built Sontosh a house in his village, securing his future independence. After passing the SLC exam, Sontosh went on to study at Xavier International College, and now supports his brother and sister. We are grateful for Mr. Lowe's kindness and send him all our love.

Devi Nagarkoti: Our first child

Devi joined BSG from the Kathmandu Metropolitan Ward No. 6. She was among the first children accepted in BSG's history, and her widowed mother was our first staffed caregiver. An exceptional student, Devi was our first child to pass the SLC and complete college. After BSG helped Devi find a job abroad, her mother purchased land and moved into her own home. Upon returning to Nepal, Devi opened her own beauty salon. She is now married and is starting a family of her own.

Prem Lohar: International scholar

Prem first came to BSG in 2001. He was very bright and worked hard in school. After he completed college, BSG found him a sponsorship to further pursue his studies. He now attends the University of Auckland, New Zealand.