President and Founder
Mr. Jaya Ram Tamata

Jaya Ram Tamata is a social worker and businessman. He was born in Huti, Darchula, an underdeveloped village in the remote western region of Nepal. At the age of twelve, Mr. Tamata began working as a laborer to support himself through school. Despite this and other difficulties, he became the first person from his village to complete higher education and beyond, receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Allahbad in India, and a Bachelor of Education from the Tribhuvan University of Nepal.

As a native of Darchula, which is populated by people of the Dalit caste (known as “untouchables”), Mr. Tamata experienced firsthand the societal discrimination faced by Dalit people. He devoted his life to improving conditions for Dalit, extending education and other resources that people needed to lift themselves out of poverty. With a piece of donated land from a relative, he established the Shree Latibab Primary School, the first in his locality. As a three-term central member of the Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO) since 1989, he has improved access to drinking water and electricity in Darchula. In addition, he has monitored the living condition of 55 districts throughout Nepal populated by Dalit people. Many of the children served by BSG are from remote villages just like Darchula.

His dedication continued into his business endeavors. From 2003-2012, Mr. Tamata headed Sher and Jaya Overseas (Pvt.) Ltd., a manpower agency sending people abroad to work in Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. The firm has helped over 20,000 Nepali people, including many Dalit, find jobs and realize financial independence. During his tenure, Mr. Tamata donated half of his earnings directly to BSG. Since 2008, he has run Tamata Housing, a real estate firm, again using his earnings to help establish BSG’s branch and orphanage home in Sauraha.

Mr. Tamata is also active in politics. He was elected a Central Member of Dalit Sangh in 1994, and Maha Adhiveshan Pratinidhi in 2010. His devotion to Dalit people was recognized by the citizens of Darchula in 2014, when they overwhelmingly voted him as their candidate to be a member of Parliament. A recognized figure in the nonprofit sphere, Mr. Tamata has also consulted with the founding of over 35 other social welfare organizations, including the Children and Women Promotion Center, the Nepal Children Welfare Service Center, Children Welfare Home Pokhara, and HOPED (Homeless, Orphans, Poor, Effected Dalit).

Vice President and Founder
Ms. Maya Sunar

Maya Sunar is a social worker and businesswoman born in Chitwan, Nepal. Always one who loved children, Ms. Sunar was inspired to enter social work at the young age of sixteen, after visiting orphanages and learning about the plight of poor children in Nepal. After co-founding Bal Sewa Griha, she performed all logistical, fundraising and bookkeeping duties while simultaneously completing her studies at university. Since then, she has devoted her life to helping needy children and women of Nepal.

From a young age, Ms. Sunar learned to work hard, be honest, and be independent. Despite a culture that discriminated against girls going to school, she earned her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, and as a result realized how vital education is for all children, both girls and boys. Furthermore, she became passionate about the empowerment of women in Nepal, and to this day fights for gender equality.

As a businesswoman, Ms. Sunar continued her dedication to women. She founded a handicraft group, providing free job training and sewing machines to uneducated and unemployed women. Purses and bags are sold worldwide, and proceeds go directly to the women who create them. She has donated much of her earnings from this and her other businesses directly to BSG.

From 2007-2010, Ms. Sunar served as an elected member of the Child NGO Federation of Nepal, advocating for children’s rights, fighting child trafficking, and offering employment workshops to children. In this role, she made recommendations to the president and prime minister of Nepal to protect the welfare of orphans. Since 2011, she has served as the elected Treasurer of the Confederation of NGOs for Child Integration (CONCIN). She has also traveled to the United States and Europe to participate in international children’s welfare conferences.

Ms. Sunar is the proud mother of four children, as well as the hundreds at BSG who have called her “Ama.”