Everyday Life at the Home

At Bal Sewa Griha, a child's life revolves around success in school, which runs year-round. Our children wake up at 5 AM for breakfast, chores, homework, and preparing for school.

At 9 AM, they assemble to walk to school together. Our children attend the neighborhood's best private schools, from nursery to primary to secondary. 

Upon returning home from school at about 3 PM, they are served an afternoon meal. Then, everyone studies and completes schoolwork. Students receive a lot of homework in up to seven subjects daily.

During the evening, children play games with each other and complete chores.

Shortly after, dinner is served. Most meals are dal bhat, a traditional Nepali dish of rice and lentils, with vegetables and/or meat. Before eating, children lead each other in a prayer of gratitude.

Free time is spent out in the yard, playing table tennis or football, or inside watching movies. The children enjoy Bollywood, Tamil, Nepali, and Western cinema. Most also pick up hobbies with the materials they have: drawing, dancing, gymnastics, and singing. 

Our home is staffed by caregivers, or house mothers. They supervise children, cook meals, maintain the building, and serve as guardians in school matters.