Children's Rights Protection

Although Nepal has a culture that accepts physical punishment of children, BSG prohibits its staff from resorting to violence to reprimand a child. Instead, children are counseled and encouraged to learn from their mistakes. Furthermore, boys and girls have separate living quarters, and are encouraged to behave as brothers and sisters in order to create a brother-sisterhood atmosphere.

Child Participation and Record Keeping

BSG encourages its staff to keep records of a child's improvement and progress. Group discussion, equal participation, teamwork and mutual cooperation between and among the children are valued in the residence. Each child is able to make decisions concerning his/her own progress, both academic and personal. 

As in a family, the older children help look after younger children. For example, they will help them study and play with them. Children participate in the chores rotation and, from the age of 14, are expected to wash their own clothes regularly. All these practices are in place for the betterment of their futures.

Bal Sewa Griha Children's Rights: 

• Children are rescued from potentially dangerous situations, and are provided with education and a home;

• Children learn personal responsibility and integrity;

• Children learn to take care of themselves in a loving family environment; and

• Children are provided with a nutritious diet and health care when they are sick.

Expected results:

• A child's place in society is assured and they are able to work towards a positive future. 

• The educational status of the BSG's children will be improved so that they can contribute to society;

• They will grow up in family environment with good health, socio-cultural atmosphere and cooperative behavior;

• The children will be qualified, independent citizens of Nepal that can help to make the nation prosperous.