Children Welfare Home (CWH) was established in 1995 to support abandoned, orphan, destitute and other helpless children by providing shelter, education, medical care and vocational training so that they can be good and independent citizens of Nepal.

CWH is a non-Governmental, non-political, not-for-profit and equal opportunity sharing social organization registered in District Administration Office, Lalitpur. It is also affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal. Our key aim is to provide a family environment, health-care, and other facilities to children from conflict affected and poverty-stricken families, children abandoned by their parents, and orphans. We also make sure that they are provided proper education in government or private schools and institutions.

Nepal is a developing and landlocked country with a population of approximately 28 millions. It is one of the poor countries in the world with an average GDP per capita of 367USD (HDI Report, 2009). On the Human Development Index, Nepal is ranked 144 out of 189 countries, placing it firmly near the bottom in terms of the world’s development. More than half (reported 55.1%) of the population is living under poverty line who have income of about $1.25/day and 77.6% lives on less than $2/day. More than 80% population is involved in agricultural profession and almost half of the working-age population is either unemployed or severely underemployed. This has resulted in large number of people leaving the country in search of good employment opportunities and their fate.

Current literacy rate stands at 56.5% but net primary enrolment stands around 90%, however, demonstrating a considerable improvement in the past ten years and offering some hope that Nepal can develop further with the reach of majority of the current generation.